Used as a ply binder in the corrugation box manufacturing Industries with wide range of BF & GSM of papers.

Duel Application Pasting & Corrugation For Manual Plant.

Semi – Auto Plant operations

For semi corrugated plants, we have two different Adhesive powder one for Corrugation and other for Pasting based on modified Starch.

Our adhesives help corrugators achieve dry board (moisture 8-12%). These products are capable of giving reasonable bonding even in suboptimal conditions. In optimal conditions moisture 5.5 – 8.5% in 2 ply, (Kraft Paper COBB 30 & moisture 7 – 8%) Board can dry in less than 1 Hour. Different grades of adhesives are available for Heavy GSM coated kraft , Duplex Board , E Flute and Micro flutes. These adhesives give excellent bonding at optimal conditions.

The basic characteristic of manual operation is lack of drying provision after sheets are pasted. Unlike auto plants 2 ply are not subject to secondary heating. Many times manual plants do not have proper mixing apparatus and are supplied with low quality Kraft paper. Starch adhesives have to perform in these less than optimal conditions and offer good bonding.

Cold Pasting Gum

Pasting Gum Powder is made from Premium grade starch by Hydrolysis and adding multiple Additives to provide Quickest Drying time and strength in 3ply, 5ply and 7ply corrugated Board. We process in controlled manufacturing conditions to give consistent product. These adhesives give standard viscosity and there by ease to operation. In normal conditions application of glue is around 40 grams/ Sq.Mtr and board dries in less than 30 min. Glue drys very fast and moisture is driven out of board. We are instrumental in offering genuine quality Pasting Or Lamination Gum Powder to the customers. The products offered by us are widely appreciated for their superior bonding and longer shelf life.


      • Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds
      • High mileage & low consumption (40gram/sq.meter)
      • High productivity due to low viscosity.
      • De-lamination never occurs.
      • High CS & BS in Box
      • Longer self life after mix.
      • Low Moisture (8-12%)
      • No Sun Drying Required
      • Uniform flow
      • No Foaming in tray
      • Superior bonding.
      • Quick drying.


  • Ratio             : 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5
  • Solids           : 33 – 16 %
  • Viscosity     : 25 – 35 Sec 
  • pH                 : 13 – 14
  • Form            : Powder
  • Colour         : Light to Dark Brown
  • Shelf Life    : 6 month from the date of packing.


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