Used as a ply binder in the corrugation box manufacturing Industries with wide range of BF & gram-age of papers.

This developed adhesive is a special “ready to use” Chemical free adhesive powder which resists atmospheric moisture even during monsoons and winters.

We have developed both pasting and corrugation Adhesives which will not attract moisture once dried fully and therefore guarantee positive bursting and compression to the box.

Problems Faced by Corrugators:

Moisture in the paper board is the main problem of corrugators. Most of the gum powders available in the market are fast curing but gain moisture even after drying in humid climatic condition. Gaining of moisture in the box results in negative bursting and compression strength. Corrugators either use high B/F and High GSM papers or high solids gum to get desired bursting and compression to the box. But if gum is hygroscopic then box is bound to gain moisture even after complete drying.

After Using Neutral pH Pasting Adhesives:

By using moisture resistant adhesives, there is Guaranteed moisture control in any weather condition, even in deep refrigeration. It resist absorption of atmospheric Moisture resulting in stiffer board. It never absorbs moisture & it is the only reason why it gives very high b/s & c/s.

It is also used in semi  automatic and automatic flute laminators.



  • Food grade – suitable for food, Parma & export boxes
  • Can be used at Low Viscosity of 25 Sec in B4 Cup
  • High mileage & low consumption
  • No Sun Drying Required “ Quick Drying “
  • Non – Toxic and skin Friendly
  • Increase in BS & CS
  • Low Moisture (8-12%)
  • Environmental Friendly
  • 100% Fiber tear
  • No rusting of pins
  • Superior bonding
  • Chemical Free
  • Easy to Mix
  • No fungus


  • Ratio             : 1:3
  • Solids           : 25%
  • Viscosity     : 25 – 30 Sec 
  • pH                 : 7 – 8
  • Form            : Powder
  • Colour         : Golden Yellow to Dark Brown
  • Shelf Life    : 6 month from the date of packing.
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