Used as a ply binder using Automatic or semi Automatic Flute Laminator Machine in the corrugation box manufacturing Industries with wide range of BF & gram-age of papers.

In this new era everyone wants to increase their production with best quality hence this flute laminator is best machine to setup for E, F B Flutes boxes. These machines are available in 3ply & 5ply models, Recent models of flute laminators run at 7000 sheets / hour. These Adhesives can be used in Fully Automatic Machines or semi automatic machines. Adhesive has played a major role in this machine to run on designed speed and produces fine quality of boxes.

This application need very special formulation. Adhesives help achieve board moisture of 8-12%. This Adhesive is specially prepared for bonding higher GSM (up to 1000gsm) paperboard to itself or to micro flute for display carton manufacture where quick tack coupled with high bond strength are required. These adhesive help in quick drying, Hence the Pasted boards can be immediately taken up to the next stage of operation thereby increasing the productivity.

We are instrumental in offering genuine quality Lamination Gum Powder to the customers. This type of Adhesive is treated and formulated using different types of additives. Our Starch based adhesive powder for flute laminator is much more rigid and strong and even economical in comparison to PVA glue.

Solids and viscosity for this application is tailor made depending on flute laminator configuration.


  • Ratio             : 1:2 – 1:3
  • Solids           : 33 – 25%
  • Viscosity     : 30 – 40 Sec 
  • pH                 : 12 – 14
  • Form            : Powder
  • Colour         : Light to Dark Brown
  • Shelf Life    : 6 month from the date of packing.


      • Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds
      • High mileage & low consumption (25 – 35gram/sq.meter)
      • High productivity due to low viscosity
      • Water proof resin friendly for high CS
      • De-lamination never occurs.
      • High CS & BS in Box
      • Longer self life after mix
      • 100% Fiber tear
      • Low Moisture (8-12%)
      • No Sun Drying Required
      • Uniform flow
      • No Foaming in tray
      • Superior bonding
      • Quick drying
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