Used in  Single Facer Corrugation Machine in the corrugation box manufacturing Industries with wide range of BF & gram-age of papers.

Corrugation glue offer excellent bonding & 100% Fiber tear. This helps to achieve theoretical BC & CS for given paper combination. These Adhesives gives very consistent viscosity, High track & High gelling solids at low temperature. These adhesives can be used on latest high speed machines, very high coverage. Even on high BF & High GSM virgin papers. These Adhesives are low energy consuming and save on heating or allows machine to run higher speeds if mechanically compatible. These Adhesives set very fast and allow further processing of board without any hindrance. These Adhesive Helps in Instant drying 2Ply. This Adhesives are based on pure & High viscosity starch, which is treated and formulated by using different types of additives. Product specifications remains consistent from batch to batch.

It gives very fast drying, guaranteed moisture resistance in any weather/climatic condition, improves B/S,C/S substantially to allow corrugators to maintain very high B/S & C/S. even with lower gram-age or lower B/F Papers.

Various options are available in corrugation glue. Based on requirement.



  • Quick drying, which ultimately results in higher production output
  • Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds
  • High Mileage & Low Consumption
  • Water proof resin friendly for high CS
  • Low gel point
  • High BS & CS
  • 100% Fiber tear
  • Moisture in (2 Ply)  5 – 8 %
  • Works at low viscosity
  • High solubility of powder
  • No lump formation
  • Stable viscosity
  • Uniform flow
  • Superior Bonding


  • Ratio             : 1:3 – 1:4
  • Solids           : 25 – 20%
  • Viscosity     : 25 – 30 Sec 
  • pH                 : 13 – 14
  • Form            : Powder
  • Colour         : Creamy White
  • Shelf Life    : 6 month from the date of packing.
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